Our commitment to a healthy living environment

VOC Free Environment?

We are committed to helping our customers create a healthy living environment by striving to significantly reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in our products. 

Our cabinets are compatible with the low emission low allergen (LELA) house building guidelines. 
Note: As individual tolerances vary we advise you to discuss specific needs with us. 

LELA houses aim to use minimal levels of chemicals to provide a healthy living environment, helping to prevent allergies and support sufferers of allergies & multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

Our Cabinets

Our cabinetry is manufactured with solid pine, we never use MDF or chipboard, we also use formaldehyde free glue and take care in reducing emissions where we can, some of our customers with allergies, choose to paint & lacquer their cabinets with VOC free products.

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We choose our business suppliers carefully to ensure they are as environmentally conscious or “green” as we are. Our manufacturer acknowledges that they impact on the environment in terms of the waste they generate, in their use of raw materials and air and water emissions.

All relevant environmental legislation is fully complied with by our manufacturer. Where possible they will exceed those requirements.

They also try to minimise the environmental impact of their work and in particular reduce noise, dust and waste where possible.

Efficient use is made of energy resources wherever possible, they regularly assess and look for ways to:


We ensure that our delivery companies follow environmental legislation and we don’t use any packaging. All our kitchen cabinets are fully protected in transit with blankets which are re-used for each delivery.


Our online order process keeps paperwork to a minimum. We recycle paper at the office and our kitchen and company details can be accessed on our website which considerably reduces requests for “hard-copy” brochures.

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Wood and Wood are building up a network of suppliers throughout the country so all home visits to discuss your new kitchen will eventually involve only local journeys.